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Sundays with (KFC) Kingdom for Christ Ministries

We are blessed. to follow the Word of God in providing hot home cooked delicious meals for Spokane'S (WA) homeless population.

Homeless Meals, Nonprofit Food for Homeless

We've been in operation for several years and built ourselves up nonprofit status in 2020. Ms. Cynthia Bonds first started with home cooked meals after school for neighborhood children whose parents were often not able to provide meals. Mr. Louis Bonds lived in Arizona and served as chaplain for UGM there, ministering to homeless men.

Several years ago The Bonds' were married. They listened carefully as God continued to develop a mission for them that centered around feeding Spokane's homeless population. A secretary (Deborah Cano) and treasurer (Ron Johnson) joined them to form the KFC - Kingdom for Christ Ministry Board of Directors. Other volunteers came forward and donated their time and expertise.

Spokane has hundreds of people who are currently homeless. Our community currently struggles with the dilemma of adequate shelter and food, especially over the cold winter months. We continue to be consistent during this challenging time with weekly hot meals.

We feed an average of 85 - 130 people each Sunday, including holidays. Over the last few years we have come to know many of our guests by name and enjoy the camaraderie as we fellowship together each Sunday. And during football season - we are all there, watching the game.

It was a very frigid day this last Sunday, 25 F (-3C) and we welcomed 87 homeless men and women to our Sunday hot meal. Ms. Cynthia is one of the best cooks I have ever known. She can stretch a dollar and make use of every ingredient that we have donated to us. At this meal she prepared baked chicken (finger licking' good and falling off the bone) and a combo of green beans and potatoes complete with bits of real bacon. It's pretty common for our guests to request second helpings and to get a meal to go. Our local grocery stores (shout out to Rosauer's this last Sunday) supply us with amazing pies, cookies, cakes and other goodies.

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