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Cold Outside, Warm on the Inside - "get into my belly"

It is pretty darn cold here in Spokane, in the 20 or so degrees F (around 0 degrees C.) Our homeless guests are getting along somehow, and a city organization is working on revamping some of our shelters. Last Sunday we served yummy chicken, rice, gravy and green beans for our regulars. Around 100 plus diners came to visit and fellowship. And we recently had a big donation of snowmobile attire (warm coats and snow pants) plus some socks! We're so excited to share these goods with our guests this coming Sunday. They are looking forward to our Thanksgiving Feast also served this coming Sunday. If you are in the area, please come by and visit too!

Meet some of our crew and guests below:

Sister Cynthia, one of our initial founders, and Sister Sally plating up some tasty dinner

Sunday Dinner - coming right up!

Brother Louis, one of our initial founders, taking orders - five plates coming right up!

Some of our guests - smiling and warm, and full of good food!

Brother Charles, keeping the count!

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