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Our KFC - Kingdom for Christ Ministry Team

Louis and Cynthia Bonds each began ministries to feed the homeless (Louis in Tucson, AZ and Cynthia in Spokane WA).  In 2017 they were married  and they also merged their ministries into KFC - Kingdom for Christ Ministries.  Deborah Cano (Secretary)  and Ron Johnson (Treasurer) later joined the team.  

KFC Kingdom for Christ Ministries was granted nonprofit status in 2020.

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"Share your food with the hungry and give shelter to the homeless." (Isaiah 58:7)

In obedience to Jesus' invitation to care for the homeless, we have evolved from feeding hungry neighborhood children and families for the last ten years into feeding Spokane's homeless. Our nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation, became official in 2020. There are over 18,000 homeless people in Spokane, WA. We celebrate them through Christian love and fellowship by serving an average of 125 meals every Sunday, 3 - 6:30 PM, at The Hub, 218 S Howard St., Spokane, WA.  Our meals are open to everyone.


We are grateful to Mosaic Ministry for allowing us the use of the Hub every week, and to our other sponsors who provide our food. We are all volunteers, and every dollar donated benefits our ministry 100%. What we most need right now? Small and large plates, napkins, plastic forks and spoons. Those charges add up. We also need gas card or cash donations, too. Our driver needs gas as he drives to pick up the food each week.


Our homeless population in Spokane is rising. There are as many stories of "why" people are homeless as there are homeless people. We are not here to judge. We are here to let them know they are loved and cared for, at least once a week, with a hot home cooked meal. As our ministry has grown, we have come to know many of our diners and we truly celebrate our fellowship with them.

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